Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have updated our protocols:

All appointments will be over the phone except testing, which will be done in the office.

Corona: Shots will be administered on Monday & Wednesday. Upon arrival, text (951) 523-0741 and wait in your car.

Riverside: Shots will be administered on Tuesday & Thursday. Upon arrival, text (951) 523-0741 and wait in your car.

Murrieta: Shots will be administered on Tuesday & Friday. Upon arrival, text (951) 666-3060 and wait in your car.

Mold Allergy


Mold spores are released year round, but they peak in the warm summer months. Some are released on dry, sunny days, others release during the rain and high humidity.

Indoor molds are found on floors carpets, bedding, mattresses, pillows, (especially foam rubber), basements, attics, barns, foods, garbage pails, in wallpaper, paint, plastics, flowers, upholstery, wool, cotton, leather, books, magazines, and fruits as well as the bathroom carton and window. Take a look at your air conditioner, refrigerator and humidifier since these are also likely homes for molds to grow. Potted plants raise mold spore counts very little.

Tips for Controlling Indoor & Outdoor Mold
  • Fortunately, indoor molds and mildew are easily eliminated once you discover them.
  • Use a clean solution containing 5% bleach and small amount of detergent.
  • Eliminating dampness and darkness especially in basement & bathroom is ways to reduce indoors mold Dehumidifier is helpful.
  • Never put carpet on concrete or damp floor. Replace carpet, wallboard and other construction materials that have suffered water damage.
  • Avoiding compost heaps, hay cutting, harvesting, grass cutting, raking leaves, grain storage and damp garages, sheds or greenhouses is essential.